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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  January 24, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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``jonathan: now on news 5 today, a ``north co korean authorities. ``and stranded out in the cold. ``the dire situation for these ``drivers after they were caught ``in the middle of that massive ``storm that pounded the east ``coast.
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``deputies remain on the scene of ``an overnight standoff. ``jonathan: we have a bit of a ``warmup coming our way. ``not to mention a beautiful touch ``of color in the sky. ``meteorologist jennifer schack ``and i will talk about that color ``and she'll tell us about the ``warmup on this sunday, january ``24, 2016. ``this is news 5 today. ss [captioning made possible by wwwlwt-tv] ``welcome to news 5 today. ``thanks for joining us on this ``i'm jonathan hawgood. ``this is meteorologist jennifer ``schack. ``citycam 5, thank goodness, ``finally a little color. ``boy, it's been a long time since ``we've seen any. ``jennifer: earlier, the sun ``coming up earlier. ``we're not used to seeing this by ``jonathan: it's been more than a ``month that the sun has been ``rising earlier. ``it was near full moon through
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``morning. ``glad to hear about climbing ``above freezing for the first ``time in eight days today. ``jennifer: lots of sunshine will ``help that out. ``we've not been above freezing ``since a week ago yesterday, ``january 16. ``warmup. ``the forecast high this ``afternoon, 35 degrees. ``during that stretch, most of the ``day's highs in the 20s. ``we had a couple mornings in the ``single digits. ``we start to come out of it, but ``don'ting ing be fooled quite yet. ``hebron at 7, harrison at 9. ``these are air temperatures. ``chill. ``you may run into a touch of fog ``in spots. ``we have dry conditions on the ``wlwt radar. ``nothing locally during the night ``or this morning. ``we have cloud cover from ``yesterday morning. ``as we head into the afternoon ``yesterday, we brought back ``sunshine and it looks like we'll ``have plenty today as well. ``the forecast high today, 35.
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``we'll be a couple degrees below ``average. ``the good news, temperatures back ``into the 40s. ``expected. ``we'll talk about the timing of ``rain showers coming up. ``jonathan: developing in boone ``with police. ``richard chiles is live in ``florence with the latest. ``good morning. ``richard: jonathan, good morning. ``the boone county sheriffs ``deputies say it's a waiting ``they've been here over eight ``hours, waiting out a suspect ``they say has barricaded himself ``into a home in the 5000 block of ``hazelwood. ``the situation began with a ``domestic dispute between a ``mother and her son. ``the mother called boone county ``police, saying that her son had ``barricaded himself into the ``mobil home here deputies ``responded quickly.
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``officers to s.w.a.t. units. ``it's been a tense situation, but ``officers saying they're waiting ``out their situation not to ``pressure the individual, not to ``go in and to escalate an already ``tense situation. ``they have been in communication. ``with the individual previously ``before and are well aware of the ``situation. ``family members say the ``himself. ``they'll take their time and ``continue to wait out the ``situation. ``not giving up a tactical ``time. ``communicating with neighbors in ``the community, suggesting that ``everyone exercise caution as ``they continue with the morning. ``reporting live in florence, ``richard chiles, wlwt news 5. ``jonathan: thanks, richard. ``new this morning, a crash on ``northbound 71 by the smith ``edwards exit. ``police say three vehicles were ``involved.
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``that person had minor injuries. ``this morning. ``we're told one person is facing ``thanks to viewer john for ``sending us this video of the ``incident. ``also new this morning, i-71 has ``reopened after a serious crash ``near the montgomery road exit. ``this happened just before 11:00 ``last night in the southbound ``lanes. ``police say multiple vehicles ``were involved and this shut down ``71 between montgomery road and ``ronald reagan. ``the interstate reopened about an ``hour later. ``one person was hurt but police ``did not give that person's ``condition. ``more serious issues for drivers ``to the east. ``many travelers are still stuck ``on the pennsylvania turnpike in ``south western pennsylvania. ``several trucks jackknifed on ``that state's turnpike during the ``winter storm. ``that created a logjam with ``hundreds of cars stranded since ``friday. ``the people stuck on the turnpike ``are living off whatever they can
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``help in the freezing weather. ``it's been crazy. ``stuck. ``it's nonstop. ``don't seem like we're getting ``anywhere to be honest, but we ``are eventually. ``>> this is horrible. ``we've been stuck in the truck ``for 13 and a half hours, still ``counting. ``when you only got very little ``food and water, people are ``asking back and forth and ``sharing, that's very kind. ``the truckers, especially the ``trucker family, they all look ``out for each other and everybody ``else. ``jonathan: i bet a lot of ``stranded drivers were tempted to ``ask the news crew for a ride ``out. ``the turnpike shuttered traffic ``for an 86-mile stretch. ``a developing story as effort ``continue to free a young man ``from cincinnati detained in ``korea.
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``detained. ``the facts surrounding why he was ``picked up are limited. ``courtis fuller has details. ``reporter: otto warmbier entered ``north korea on a tourist visa ``according to north korean state ``media and is accused of, quote, ``a hostile act against the ``democratic peoples republic of ``north korea. ``young pioneer tour, the ``china-based travel company that ``organized the trip said ``warmbier's family has been ``informed and is working with the ``u.s. state department and the ``north korean ministry of foreign ``affairs. ``the north korean government has ``arrested and accused other u.s. ``citizens of similar charges in ``jeffrey fowle of dayton, ohio, ``was held for six months back in ``2014. ``>> right now, three weeks into ``it, he's gotten over the initial ``shock of it, but he's still ``trying to process it. ``if it's like me, they're not ``letting him know anything that's ``happening on the outside world. ``third-year student studying ``commerce at the university of ``virginia. ``a school spokesperson would only ``say the school has been in touch ``with warmbier's family and will
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``this time. ``warmbier is a 2013 graduate of ``wyoming high school. ``we talked to a family friend ``about the situation he is now ``facing. ``>> just thinking of the ``warmbiers and thinking of otto ``and his safety and his future ``and the future of our country ``and situations like this. ``jonathan: ohio governor and ``presidential candidate john ``kasich tweeted north korea's ``arrest of ohio college student ``otto warmbier is inexcusable and ``he should be released and ``returned immediately. ``a manhunt under way in ``california. ``they're looking for three ``dangerous inmates. ``we're tell you about their ``escape and whether or not theyed ``that help. ``tough matchups on the basketball ``courts. ``details on the local teams that ``walked away with victory. ``how about it, citycam? ``it found the moon i was talking ``about, plus cloud cover we ``didn't see when we were looking ``at the sunrise.
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``manhunt near los angeles for ``three male inmates accused of ``violent crimes. ``investigators say the escape ``took place sometime friday at ``the orange county central men's ``jail in santa ana, about 40 ``miles southeast of los angeles. ``authorities say the three men ``cut through steel bars, went to ``the roof of the jail and ``rappelled down the wall using ``sheets. ``it's unclear if they had outside ``help. ``i don't know how else you get ``through steel bars, though. ``two of the escapees have been ``charged with murder, the third ``with kidnapping. ``this is the first escape at that ``jail in at least 20 years. ``millions of people in cities and ``townes along the east coast will ``start the arduous process of ``digging out from the blizzard. ``the storm left several people ``stranded. ``nbc's jennifer johnson has the ``story from washington. ``reporter: the first blizzard of ``2016 has slowly died down after ``burying major east coast cities
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``snow. ``the storm shut down air, rail ``and highway travel. ``now comes the recovery part, ``getting roads passable again. ``that's keith howard's job. ``>> anybody stuck, anybody trying ``to get out, some people have ``patience, some people don't have ``patience. ``but when you go through a ``neighborhood, you see anybody ``out, coming outside clapping. ``reporter: washington and new ``york city were buried, enjoyable ``for pandas and children who sled ``down the u.s. capitol lawn. ``and these snowboarders who ``couldn't get to a mountain. ``>> pretty sure it's not legal. ``reporter: the blizzard slammed ``over 70 million people, hundreds ``of thousands lost power, and now ``there's widespread flooding in ``new jersey and other ``mid-atlantic states. ``>> we have shelters open in ``every county of the state. ``they're ready to take people and ``keep them warm and get them fed. ``reporter: many airport runways ``and roads will remain closed ``while plows try to move the ``snow.
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``stay home. ``>> all it takes is one car to ``get stuck and that road is not ``passable. ``and the plows can't plow that ``road. ``the situation quickly descends ``into chaos. ``reporter: a chaotic, historic ``and record breaking blizzard, ``which many are now happy to see ``go. ``jennifer johnson, nbc news, ``washington. ``jonathan: while parts of ``southern kentucky saw a foot of ``snow, most of northern kentucky ``avoided the worst of the storm. ``we have video from maysville, ``covered with snow friday. ``slowed things down briefly, but ``people were ready for the snow. ``by last night, roads and ``sidewalks were all clear. ``mason county road crews worked ``through the night, taking care ``of blowing the snow away as well ``as other issues out there. ``let's talk local weather with
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``jennifer: a cold sunday morning. ``the radar will stay dry for the ``entire day. ``sunshine from start to finish ``expected for sunday. ``satellite and radar combined. ``yesterday, the skies cleared out ``for the afternoon. ``we've had clear skies since then ``with the exception of maybe a ``couple of high clouds or some ``fog at the surface. ``notice on the imagery, the last ``couple of hours, you start to ``see a little blip there in south ``central kentucky. ``that's actually some dense fog ``and they're having problems with ``dense freezing fog. ``we have not seen anything dense ``come up locally. ``but visibilities between five ``and seven miles in our major ``reporting sites, not to say a ``few valleys or isolated ``locations may not have isolated ``dense fog. ``if you run into it, it's ``freezing fog. ``use caution. ``temperatures are down in the ``single digits from batavia, mt. ``orab and peebles. ``six degrees in hillsboro. ``temperatures between 10 and 13 ``degrees across northern ``kentucky. ``harrison is at nine degrees. ``these are air temperatures, not ``wind chills. ``we have light winds, mostly ``clear skies. ``look at citycam.
7:16 am
``some of those clouds moving ``through that are very thin, not ``going to cause any problems. ``don't think they'll block any ``sunshine this morning. ``another look toward the horizon. ``we do not see any obvious fog. ``looks like maybe a little ripple ``in the far horizon may indicate ``some little bit of fog. ``so far, lunken has had a ``visibility of five miles. ``haven't seen anything specific ``on the east side. ``winds are calm. ``the air temperature matching the ``wind chill. ``the humidity is high. ``those light winds and high ``humidity allowing isolated fog ``this morning. ``the clear skies for everyone ``along that temperature to ``plummet, especially in snow ``covered ground. ``single digits and below zero ``temperatures have been numerous ``across central and southern ``kentucky, as well as portions of ``ohio and west virginia with the ``cold air in place and the clear ``skies. ``it feels like two below in ``lexington right now. ``the wind chill right now ``matching our air temperature ``because of the calm winds. ``satellite and radar showing the ``quiet conditions overhead this ``morning. ``nothing to push in off to the ``west.
7:17 am
``all quiet this morning. ``up across the great lakes, ``everything's moving off to the ``east and not into our direction. ``we have a day with plenty of ``sunshine and high pressure. ``yesterday, we only hit 30. ``our wind chill was between about ``15 and 21 degrees all day. ``it was still a cold day, thanks ``to a breeze out of the north ``still around for saturday. ``today, the winds will weaken. ``a lopt of sunshine and we should ``take temperatures above the ``freezing mark for the first time ``in over a week. ``so we have a pretty nice ``afternoon shaping up. ``high pressure helping us out ``today. ``plenty of sunshine streaming ``from the tennessee into the ohio ``river valley. ``as it moves off to the east ``tomorrow, on the back side, we ``have a south wind ahead of our ``next cold front. ``we talk about the south wind ``warming us up. ``keep in mind, it's going to be ``going over several hundred miles ``of snow. ``i don't think it will help as ``much tomorrow. ``we'll hold the high around 40 ``for monday, even with more
7:18 am
``then increasing the clouds as we ``head through the day. ``by monday night a couple of rain ``showers as the front arrives. ``35 degrees today, mostly sunny ``skies with weaker winds. ``tonight, we drop off to 22. ``tomorrow, we're at 40. ``we increase clouds during the ``day monday. ``scattered rain showers past 9:00 ``and 10:00 monday evening. ``we wrap it up tuesday, flurries ``flying at 38. ``coldest day, wednesday. ``34. ``a stretch of dry weather and ``warmer temperatures next ``weekend. ``jonathan: not a high below ``freezing. ``i love it. ``one local basketball player ``whose talent has been getting ``serious attention was in action ``saturday. ``elise jesse has details on ``wilmington's game and much more ``in morning spots. ``elise: good morning. ``i'm elise jesse. ``tickets were selling early for ``this one. ``it was packed house at moeller ``last night fifth ranked ``wilmington came in to face off ``with the third ranked moeller ``crusaders. ``wilmington and moeller were
7:19 am
``montgomery. ``jarron cumberland was money in ``the first half with three 3s for ``nine points, but only finished ``with 14. ``4 of 10 shooting with seven ``rebounds. ``moeller was only 5 for 15 from ``the three-point line. ``this one was nothing but net. ``they trailed wilmington 21-18 at ``the half. ``next, caleb kantor driving and ``scoring. ``moeller improves to 15-1 with a ``40-31 victory. ``newport central catholic and ``holy cross meeting for the ninth ``region championship game. ``first quarter, holy cross to ``eric jacoblesky, who hits the ``three. ``later in the warter, -- quarter, ``ben wire ``with a big night for the ``thoroughbreds. ``he had 26 points. ``the newport central catholic ``team advances to the state ``tournament for the fourth ``straight year with a 70-52 win. ``the next game was all summit. ``they had a 20-point lead at
7:20 am
``the senators never gave up. ``woods takes it in for the slam. ``summit's alex dawling skips the ``pass to sam martin for the ``corner three. ``the silver knights exhibit a ``great passing game up here next. ``darren davis with the easy ``layup. ``scd beats taft 58-39. ``coming up, we have some xavier ``musketeers basketball coming up ``and some cyclones action as ``well. ``for now, we'll send it to you, ``jonathan. ``jonathan: local development ``making a major comeback. ``details on the cincinnati ``community that has made a 180 ``degree turp n in its direction. ``a live look outside. ``citycam 5 got a pretty one. ``look at the low lying fog ``cuddling up to the buildings. ``we've got the moon in the back ``left side of the screen going ``down beneath the horizon. ``color coming from the early ``morning sun and then mist across
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``jonathan: welcome back.
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``look the washington park and ``music hall. ``light in the sky helping us see ``what's going on down there. ``at one time, that part of the ``city was under developed. ``you could buy a building for a ``dollar. ``now new condos are selling for ``half a million dollars or more, ``as well as in pendleton. ``wlwt news 5's jenell walton has ``more on the area's turnaround. ``>> we're seeing relatively low ``inventory you meaning there's ``more buyers than sellers. ``reporter: bill draznick says ``he's getting buyers interested ``in buying new town homes in otr ``for a half million dollars, ``going in three blocks from ``washington park near the corner ``wade. ``>> they range from a little ``under 2,000 square feet up to ``2,500 square feet. ``some will have first floor ``garage parking, roof decks and ``customize.
7:24 am
``highly popular, especially on ``trendy vine street. ``with limited units available, ``developers are snapping up ``apartment buildings in ``pendleton. ``this building on broadway, ``across from the old school for ``the performing arts, is being ``renovated. ``the plan is to move the old ``tenant back in. ``they have been temporarily ``housed in other places. ``original homes. ``reporter: what brought about the ``change? ``why are people willing to spend ``a half million dollars or more ``for a home in otr, a ``neighborhood considered run down ``and dangerous. ``draznick said the tide turned ``with the renovation of ``washington park. ``>> with the green space and the ``programming and parking. ``that made it so people from the ``suburbs, people from out of ``town, families feel much more ``comfortable coming down here.
7:25 am
``reporting. ``with vipt inventory low, the price ``tag is bound to keep going up in ``over-the-rhine. ``still a lot more come, including ``cincinnatians teaming up to help ``others in a time in need. ``how the project came together. ``citycam 5 caught the color. ``we've got a beautiful tangerine ``glow high in the sky. ``a little bit of rouge down there ``above the gray on the horizon. ``a wonderful mix, making you feel ``great about the day ahead, i ``hope.
7:26 am
``jonathan: now on news 5 today, a ``shooting investigation is now a ``homicide investigation. ``we've got questions for ``investigators after a deadly ``attack in bond hill. ``richard: boone county sheriffs ``remain on the scene of an ``overnight standoff. ``details just ahead. ``jonathan: color has finally ``returned to the skies over the ``tri-state. ``got a little bit of pinkish gray ``out there this morning and look ``at the low lying fog. ``how pretty is that? ``a warmup will accompany the ``color. ``meteorologist jennifer schack ``will tell us about the temps ``which their upward trend on this ``sunday, january 24, 2016.
7:27 am
ss [captioning made possible by wwwlwt-tv] ``jennifer: today, i've been here ``three years at channel five. ``jonathan: congratulations. ``that went fast. ``jennifer: it did. ``jonathan: this is meteorologist ``jennifer schack. ``i'm jonathan hawgood. ``how are you? ``jennifer: good. ``the fog, been watching it ``because of the concern of it ``being freezing fog. ``haven't seen anything blanketing ``any certain areas. ``citycam makes it look like there ``may be a problem. ``lunken is reporting five miles. ``five miles at the station in ``wilmington as well as cvg. ``evidence of fog out there. ``temperatures in the single ``digits in spots.
7:28 am
``degrees. ``hebron at 7. ``harrison at 9 degrees. ``we have clear skies and light ``winds, allowing some fog this ``morning. ``but dry conditions, wlwt radar. ``we'll keep the radar dry today. ``mostly sunny skies. ``today. ``we end up above freezing for the ``afternoon. ``looks like weaker winds will ``help out as well. ``sunshine, along with a cold ``front and rain showers. ``we'll talk about when it arrives ``coming up. ``jonathan. ``jonathan: jennifer, thanks. ``we're continuing to follow a ``developing story across the ``river. ``police in florence are involved ``in a standoff. ``wlwt news 5's richard chiles is ``live with the latest on the ``investigation. ``richard, good morning. ``richard: good morning. ``sheriff's deputies have been in ``the 5000 block of hazelwood ``since 11:30 last night, when
7:29 am
``mother saying her son had ``barricaded himself into their ``mobile home. ``we've seen deputies and s.w.a.t. ``units out here throughout the ``night. ``they've been here again about ``eight hours as they continue to ``work a very tense scene. ``sheriff's deputies say it's a ``waiting game. ``it remains a tenuous waiting ``game. ``time is on our side. ``risk. ``there are no neighbors at risk. ``part. ``so we're playing it out to the ``best of our ability. ``sheriff's deputies cautious, not ``giving out tactical information. ``they've been xhin kating with ``trailer. ``they've had multiple contacts ``throughout the nide and are
7:30 am
``they're familiar with the ``sheriff's deputies as well. ``they've been communicating with ``the neighbors here, making sure ``residents are aware of the ``situation and can proceed with ``caution as they start their ``morning. ``reporting live from boone ``county, richard chiles, wlwt ``news 5. ``jonathan: thanks, richard. ``a shooting in bond hill has ``turned deadly. ``police are investigating the ``woman's death as a homicide. ``aiesha williams has been shot ``nearly nine days ago. ``police believe williams' ``passenger was the target of the ``january 14 shooting. ``this happened on reading road. ``that passenger took off after ``williams crashed into a metro ``bus and, in fact, returned to ``the car to remove something from ``the car but then left again. ``police say they still don't know ``who the passenger is. ``or who the suspects are. ``if you have any leads to the ``crime, please call crimestoppers ``at 352-3040. ``the kentucky transportation ``cabinet says a driver has died
7:31 am
``ditch saturday morning. ``the cabinet released a ``statement, saying 44-year-old ``christopher adams, called a ``supervisor in christian county, ``a supervisor found adams ``unresponsive in his truck. ``investigators haven't released a ``cause of death. ``>> people, think of flint and ``what we're going through. ``imagine if these was your kids ``going through this right now. ``you'll see how we feel. ``jonathan: that mother's ``2-year-old son is on the front ``of "time" magazine. ``but it's not the type of photo ``any parent would want. ``her son covered in rashes from ``what doctors believe came from ``the contaminated water in flint, ``michigan. ``here at home, people are coming ``together to help the people of ``flint. ``a group calling itself ``cincinnati supports flint came ``up with the idea on tuesday to ``collect bottled water for them ``and the donations came pouring ``in. ``wlwt news 5's jenell walton has
7:32 am
``thank you so, so much. ``social media is very powerful. ``we've seen it on facebook. ``i said to my husband we have to ``be part of it. ``we came to kroger in hartwell ``and decided to give water. ``reporter: the couple joined ``hundreds of others who also gave ``water to help those in flint. ``>> i've always tried to live my ``life or my family has in making ``you sure if we can impact the ``situation, we'll do what we need ``to do to do so. ``reporter: victoria mullens, t.j. ``cas and shanel wood joined ``forces. ``>> we started talking about a ``situation we felt was a tragedy. ``when we started putting it out ``to other people, it exploded and ``grew bigger than we ever thought ``it would. ``that's a testament to the ``community. ``reporter: they were hoping to ``collect a few hundred bottles of ``water but far surpassed the that ``goal. ``>> i don't know how this
7:33 am
``50,000 bottles. ``we've probably got another ``several thousand in the budget ``truck and another several ``thousand in the bus. ``got a lot of water. ``we thank you for each person's ``hand we're holding today. ``reporter: volunteers with ``cincinnati supports flint will ``make the special delivery. ``ayers transportation donated a ``charter bus so volunteers can ``personally deliver the water to ``residents. ``>> unfortunately, all the seats ``are taken. ``it's a beautiful thing. ``i would have loved to go, but ``i'm glad i could be here to help ``out with this. ``jonathan: a lot of goodwill. ``there were so many people ``wanting to help, the hartwell ``kroger store sold out of bottled ``water. ``volunteers are on their way to ``flint with the donation. ``the east coast storm causing ``mayhem for drivers. ``what officials are doing to help ``people stranded along the ``pennsylvania turnpike. ``and one group that took on the ``weather, how this basketball ``team managed to escape the ``turnpike madness. ``they broke the press, as it
7:34 am
``and your live look outside. ``oh, citycam 5. ``now we've got the tangerine in a ``thinner sliver high up in the ``sky. ``above the pinkish-white color. ``beautiful shot on your sunday ``morning. ``here comes a great sunday for ``all of us. ``thanks for being with us here at
7:35 am
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looking out for your business, @ no matter how big or small.
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``jonathan: welcome back. ``hundreds of cars, buses and ``trucks have been stranded on the ``pennsylvania turnpike since ``friday night when a winter storm ``dumped two feet of snow on the ``highway. ``the national guard has been ``called in to bedford county to ``assist stranded drives, most of ``whom have been living in their ``vehicles over the weekend. ``>> i thought that we'd see some ``whatever come along the berm or ``whatever. ``just sat there all night. ``>> stuff like this it's going to ``be hard to get out of here ``anyway. ``so i think we're going to be ``here for a long time. ``turnpike will reopen. ``any drivers lucky enough to free
7:38 am
``to detour routes. ``one group was able to make it ``out. ``after sitting on the turnpike ``duquesne university men's ``basketball team finally ``s ``game against george mason in ``virginia. ``their bus came to a halt. ``eventually, the players, coaches ``and staff banded together and ``pushed the bus out of the snow. ``a concrete barrier was moved so ``the bus could cross into the ``eastbound lane towards a detour ``route. ``the team had been stranded about ``80 miles from campus. ``another feel-good moment in the ``snow. ``i love this video. ``this is how you improvise if you ``can't find a hill and you have a ``very nice dog who is willing to ``go out there and mush. ``a sled dog going to work in ``arlington, virginia. ``arlington got covered in snow ``this weekend. ``i hope they keep this video for ``the kids.
7:39 am
``the dog is barking. ``he seems more excited than the ``kids. ``of snow. ``very unusual for them. ``of cute. ``we've got another cute dog. ``saap is in the house with a ``couple of furry friends looking ``for a home. ``look at the pink above his nose. ``oh, yeah. ``jennifer: you think he's that ``casual all the time? ``just snuggles all winter. ``jonathan: he knows the camera's ``on. ``he's posing. ``jennifer: he's so cute. ``looking ahead towards a good ``day. ``the forecast, plenty of ``sunshine. ``afternoon highs back above ``freezing finally into the mid ``30s. ``we'll talk about the warmup for ``the work week coming up. ``thanks for starting your sunday
7:40 am
``. ``jennifer: welcome back. ``a cold sunday morning in ``progress. ``temperatures in the single ``digits, widespread in the ``eastern counties. ``peebles has about five inches of
7:41 am
``temperature at 3 degrees. ``batavia. ``8 in harrison. ``wind chills. ``morning. ``not much of a wind chill to ``factor. ``dry conditions on the radar. ``no precipitation this morning. ``radar will stay quiet today. ``satellite and radar combined, ``afternoon. ``since then, high clouds, ``midlevel clouds. ``very limited. ``more moisture at the surface. ``then the last few frames, you ``start to see activity in south ``central kentucky. ``that's widespread, dense fog. ``we have local fog here. ``visibilities have been reported, ``five to seven miles. ``on citycam, we're seeing a ``little fog prominent on the east ``side looking toward the eastern ``horizon. ``if you run into fog, dense fog, ``this is freezing fog. ``you may need to use caution in
7:42 am
``winds are calm, air temperature ``matching the wind chill. ``humidity is high at 88%. ``temperatures bottoming out this ``morning down in the low teens. ``we'll climb well by late ``morning. ``32 at 2:00. ``the temperature above freezing ``for a couple hours this ``afternoon. ``winds should be weaker today. ``quiet conditions locally. ``the midwest is quiet. ``mostly sunny today from start to ``finish. ``helping us out, high pressure ``with the lied winds be ``underneath the high pressure ``today. ``temperatures in the mid 30s. ``it's going to be short lived. ``as it moves to the east, we ``still have a pretty good amount ``of sunshine for monday. ``we'll call for partly cloudy ``skies during the afternoon. ``notice on the back side of the ``high pressure, we have the ``pressure gradient lines getting ``closer. ``the winds will run parallel. ``we have a nice south wind ``increasing tomorrow. ``that's going to be going over a ``couple hundred miles of snow. ``probably not warm up as high as
7:43 am
``we're forecasting around 40 for ``monday. ``going to help with the melting. ``partly cloudy by monday evening. ``showers. ``the next cold front will exact impact ``temperatures. back to seasonable high ``temperatures behind it. ``35 for the high today. ``plenty of sun. ``lighter wirnds expected. ``yesterday, the wind chill was in ``the teens most of the day. ``don't have that problem today. ``22 for the low temperature ``tonight. ``tomorrow afternoon, we're at 40. ``we increase our clouds during ``the day. ``a south wind returns. ``the showers probably after 9:00 ``and 10:00 tomorrow evening and ``into tuesday morning, light ``showers. ``tuesday, flurries possible in ``the afternoon. ``the coldest day this week is ``wednesday. ``we're expecting a high above ``freezing at 34. ``the second half of the forecast, ``warming through the 40s and dry ``conditions into next weekend. ``jonathan. ``jonathan: every sunday, we show
7:44 am
``animals ready to go to good ``homes. ``with me this morning, mary and ``bob with the stray animal ``adoption program and animals ``ready for adoption. ``the dog is cute, but he'll have ``to wait. ``>> this is chewy chewbacca. ``he's a maine coon mix and has a ``lot of hair. ``he's only five months old. ``you can see how beautiful he is. ``with the tufts in the ears and ``look how big those paws are ``already. ``jonathan: how big is he going to ``get? ``>> a maine coon is a big breed. ``he'll probably be a healthy 14 ``pounds. ``the maine coon is the most ``gentle, loyal and family ``oriented pet. ``you cannot go wrong with a maine ``coon mix.
7:45 am
``chewy chewbacca? ``>> at saap station. ``opening at 11:00 until 3:00. ``jonathan: good luck, chewy. ``i bet you find a home today. ``this dog will too. ``he's going to be a big dog. ``>> oftentimes, we bring babies. ``this is a young city, only three ``months old. ``i'll see if he'll hold still. ``he's been a wiggle worm. ``jonathan: he got curious when ``the cat came out. ``>> he wants to jump out of my ``arms into his new forever home. ``he's just a baby. ``>> what's his name? ``ziggy allen? ``>> absolutely correct. ``>> for ziggy star dust and alan ``rickman, who both passed away. ``>> in memory of those two fine ``gentlemen. ``he's border collie mix with ``maybe a pointer.
7:46 am
``>> we're not sure. ``jonathan: he's got a cool spot ``on his back. ``look at that. ``>> we think he's a border collie ``and pointer nicks. ``he'll probably get to be 70 ``pounds. ``he's ready to go. ``he's almost house broken. ``he is crate trained. ``hee does well with children. ``people. ``he's a very social boy. ``he's going to make somebody a ``wonderful pet. ``he's available for adoption. ``also at 11:00 today, he'll be at ``saap station. ``we have puppies, dogs, cats, ``kittens. ``jonathan: martha layne collins ``boulevard next to the kroger in ``the strip center next to the ``parking lot. ``going. ``he's a tongue dog. ``>> he wants to run to somebody's ``home. ``jonathan: thank you, bob and ``mary. ``if you want more information ``about the stray animal adoption ``program, call 859-391-1234 or
7:47 am
``the as seen on section. ``after the break, a final check ``of the top stories of the ``morning and the tri-state's most ``accurate forecast. ``what an awesome time to take ``citycam as the sun just makes ``its entrance above the horizon. ``throwing a little of that orange ``light off the water beneath. ``i bet that's the licking river ``back there.
7:48 am
` ``jonathan: welcome back. ``new this morning. ``a crash on northbound 71 near ``smith edwards happened. ``three vehicles were involved. ``one person was trapped inside. ``that person had minor injuries. ``it happened just after 3:00 this ``morning. ``one person is facing drunk ``driving charges. ``our thanks to viewer, john, for ``sending the video. ``the east coast waking up to a ``mess this morning. ``this is some of the latest video ``out of new york city as they ``continue to dig out. ``there was about 25 inches of ``snow reported at central park, ``which is the third largest ``snowfall on record there. ``a jail break has sparked a ``manhunt near los angeles for ``three male inmates accused of ``violent crimes. ``investigators say the escape ``took place sometime friday at
7:49 am
``jail in santa ana, about 40 ``miles southeast of l.a. ``authorities say the three men ``cut through steel bars, went to ``the roof of the jail, and rappel ``the down the wall using sheets. ``no word if they had an ``accomplice. ``all right. ``now we're talking weather and ``it's a good story. ``jennifer: it is a good story. ``cold temperatures. ``i was wondering if i could come ``out of what you were going to ``say to talk about briefly the ``new york city snow, because i ``just saw online, 7:00 a.m. this ``morning, they did the official ``last what was the snowfall total ``for new york city. ``and central park was 0.1 inches ``away from tying the all-time ``biggest snowfall. ``can you believe that? ``jonathan: missed it by that ``much. ``this could be a live shot of ``times square. ``jennifer: they lifted the ban ``for traveling at 7:00 p.m. ``they're doing well.
7:50 am
``look at that for us. ``sun up before 8:00 is a good ``sign and it is looking through ``some fog, though. ``any fog you may run into this ``morning is freezing fog. ``use cautious. ``temperatures, single digits and ``low teens. ``anything you'd like to add? ``jonathan: just gorgeous purple ``mack there. ``go back to the citycam. ``come on, how pretty was that? ``we don't have time. ``jennifer: to the seven-day ``forecast. ``it has sunshine today. ``sunny skies at 35. ``40 tomorrow. ``couple of showers late in the ``evening into the overneitus day ``morning. ``a stretch of dry weather and ``warmer temperatures. ``jonathan: thanks for being with ``us. ``we'll see you back here at 9:00 ``or perhaps next weekend.
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